Project “Dual Education in Bulgaria” / GODUAL is taking place within the frame of the international initiative go-international, the cooperative program of the federal ministry for labor and the economy and the Austrian Economic Chamber.

Support for the dual education system started in 2014 helping Austrian companies, operating on the Bulgarian market. Today, German and Bulgarian companies are also benefitting from our expertise.

We have already been working 9 years to assist companies and schools in Bulgaria to teach high quality, qualified staff for different branches of the economy. 

We started with three professions in three cities in Bulgaria. We are constantly growing the partnerships and professions, improving the services as a result of accumulated experience. In the project there is already education offered in 15 professions in over 30 partnered schools.

Over 1200 students chose to be educated in a real workplace environment in our partnered companies.

Our mission

The aim of project GODUAL is through higher quality professional education in Bulgaria to secure the qualified staff necessary for business.

The resulting dual education will guarantee lower unemployment rates among young people and better economic development in regions of the country. As a reflection of this the image of the professions will improve, migration abroad will decrease and we will keep young people of working age in Bulgaria.