Dual education – Have any questions?
We have the answers!

We from GODUAL will provide the necessary information to answer all your questions about the dual education system in Bulgaria. 

We will advise you on the following topics:

  • How to define a profession suitable for a dual education.
  • How to establish a partnership with the right school.
  • How to find partner companies.
  • How to plan and organize a target information campaign to attract pupils. 
  • How to secure and select your pupils.
  • How to train the trainer from the company, who will work with the pupils.
  • How could companies training in a dual system be supported.
  • What is the legal frame of the dual education system in Bulgaria.


Foreign experience is not foreign to us – our expertise is based on the Austrian experience which has proven its effectiveness over the years. We from GODUAL will introduce you to the Bulgarian system of dual education and will upgrade with good practices following the example of Austria.

Dual education is a tool for creating and strengthening the link between business and education. This partnership leads to a positive change in learning motivation and an achievement of quality learning, and quality education creates quality employees. 

Of course, working with adolescents, educational and government institutions has its challenges. Our role is to make easier for you to discover, train and integrate future staff to the specifics of your company culture.

At the beginning of the dual system in Bulgaria, companies and schools were timid and uncertain in their approach, but gradually we managed to "infect" with optimism and good example more and more schools, pupils and companies.


The following corporations trusted us:


Another 11 companies are successfully developing their own dual-form partnerships today after drawing on our know-how. 

Things happen only where equal partnerships are established. We hope to inspire you to participate in training pupils in a dual system and together to improve life in Bulgaria.

Convince yourself that dual education is the working quality education for Bulgaria as well!

Which companies could train in a dual system

Any company that meets the following requirements (prescribed by the Ministry of Economy and Industry) can start dual training - more information here.


Advantages for the companies

The company's participation in a dual education should not be seen as a cost, but as a form of investment in the future that pays off because: 

  • Provides the necessary qualified staff for the business. 
  • Reduces resources and time for staff selection.
  • Saves time for introducing employees to the profession and the specifics of the company. 
  • Reduces the risk of incorrect selection of employees.
  • Selects the most talented and motivated.
  • Builds employee loyalty to the company. 
  • Increases the competitiveness of the firm.
  • Enables the company to participate in and influence the preparation and implementation of curricula and programs, as well as in the examination commission.
  • Leads prestige and recognition of the company in the industry and the region.


How to start a partnership in a dual form

The first step is always the most difficult. A good base of any partnership is finding the right partner.

We from GODUAL will make it easier for you to find a reliable partner school with which to initiate a class for training pupils in a dual system, or to join one with such a class already existing.

Any company that wants to train pupils in a dual system must first determine the profession in which the training will be conducted, as well as the number of students. If the firm cannot provide training in a real work environment to pupils from a whole or half class, then it must cooperate with other willing employers.

The admission of students in dual form of education in Bulgaria takes place after 7th grade. The general education subjects are mastered at the partner school, as well as the theory of the specific ones for the profession. The actual training in a real work environment of the pupils takes place in the 11th (two days a week) and 12th grade (three days a week) in the company.


Cities where we have Dual-Form partnerships

Dual education can be organized in any profession (included in the list of NAVET) and in any region of the country.

In the program GODUAL dual form training is conducted in the following cities:





Stara Zagora

Gara Elin Pelin










Veliko Tarnovo